How to Plan a Rustic Outdoor Wedding


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Rustic weddings are a lot of fun. They work well with any season of the year and, with just a few simple tricks, can be romantic and elegant affairs. But, on the other hand, creating the perfect rustic wedding takes plenty of work. So, we have several tips and tricks to make the planning just a little bit easier.


1. Candy Buffet.

Candy Buffets are just that – a buffet of candy. Relatively easy and with minimal cost (depending on how much and what kinds of candy you get), they add a bit of fun to your rustic wedding reception.

Project Wedding has several tips for planning and executing the perfect candy buffet, including keeping in mind the color of your candy, the weather, and how you will place and serve each different candy type.

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Project Wedding is dedicated to helping brides plan their perfect wedding and hosts inspiration boards, forums, vendors, and more. For more information about Project Wedding, visit:


2. The Cake.

The cake below was created for an outdoor wedding in Hunt, Texas and is just one of the many different rustic-style wedding cake options available to you. Some brides don’t use any sort of nature decor on their cakes at all. How you choose to execute the cake is completely up to you, we just love the beauty and simplicity of this design.

For more cake ideas like this one, visit The Knot. From cakes with no nature decor to completely decked out nature-themed cakes, The Knot has several different cake styles that may help you decide exactly what you’re looking for.

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The Knot was founded in 1996 in an effort to offer a new spin on outdated wedding etiquette information. Now the internet’s most visited wedding planning website, The Knot offers modern advice, personalized tools, and more. For more information, visit:


3. The Decorations

Let’s be honest. Less than perfect decorations won’t destroy your wedding, but they are an important piece of the wedding puzzle. Rustic wedding decorations are pretty easy, and with some flowers, treated wood, and a steady hand, you can make most of them yourself.

Rustic Wedding Chic has some fun and simple rustic wedding signs for the big day. Most of these could be made out of odds and ends you already have in your home. Ask one of your crafty friends to borrow some burlap and white paint and create your own table runners. Another great idea is chalkboards and chalk. Write a special message for your guests to help the day go smoothly.

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Founded by Maggie Lord in 2009, Rustic Wedding Chic has everything brides need to know about planning a rustic wedding. For more information, visit:


4. The Favors

Proper wedding etiquette dictates that wedding guests receive favors. So, to complement your rustic wedding, here at Nature Favors we have some beautiful, edible bird seed heart favors. These favors come personalized to suit your needs and make an amazing gift that your guests will treasure.

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Guides for Brides: Wedding Planning Tips

Planning a wedding is hard.

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Vitalic Photo is a collaboration between photographers Chrissy Trujillo and Nicki Pasqualone. Based in Florida, the best friends love weddings and believe their job is to capture authentic photos of the wedding day.


You have to find the perfect invitations, pick out the most beautiful gown, decide on the right kind of cake, book the venue, create a registry, choose wedding favors, and through it all find some way to relax and enjoy yourself!

While we can’t make the process any less stressful, we can make it just a little bit easier. We have compiled some helpful information for brides who just don’t know where to start. Today, we’re talking invitations, dresses, cakes, and favors.

First, the invitations. Wedding invitations are difficult to figure out. What goes where? Miss to Missus has created a guide to assembling wedding invitations.

Miss to Missus

Miss to Missus is a blog by Papertalk Press a printing press in Toronto that specializes in wedding invitations and stationery. The editor, Michelle Lee also runs Stak Inc., a design and web agency, with her husband Jon.


Next, the wedding gown. Choosing your wedding gown may be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, aside from the actual wedding ceremony of course. This primer from SimplyBridal can make it easier  to choose a gown for your body type. Wed Me Pretty explains the primer in more detail.



Based in Los Angeles, California, SimplyBridal believes in quality, honesty, and value. Every wedding gown is sewn by in-house seamstresses and photographed in the Simply Bridal studio. Founder Lawrence Ng began SimplyBridal because he felt that every woman should be able to find their dream gown at an accessible price. 



Then, the cake. Deciding which cake is the right cake may be one of the most frustrating, yet tasty, wedding decisions. Some bakers may have up to 40 different flavor options, and tasting each and every one is a major hassle.

In addition, you have to decide what shape, and how many tiers, your cake should be. My Inspired Wedding has several charts that explain how many servings the most popular wedding cake shapes will serve.

My Inspired Wedding


My Inspired Wedding is a wedding inspiration site on the WedAlert Network. My Inspired Wedding provides the latest news in wedding fashion, trends, and planning. 


Finally, the wedding favors. Here at Nature Favors, we believe in helping you create the perfect party experience for your guests. And what says “thank you” better than the perfect favor? Eco-friendly and easily adaptable to any theme, our bird seed heart favors are a great gift that your guests will be sure to enjoy.

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