Guides for Brides: Wedding Planning Tips

Planning a wedding is hard.

Photo by: Vitalic Photo

Vitalic Photo is a collaboration between photographers Chrissy Trujillo and Nicki Pasqualone. Based in Florida, the best friends love weddings and believe their job is to capture authentic photos of the wedding day.


You have to find the perfect invitations, pick out the most beautiful gown, decide on the right kind of cake, book the venue, create a registry, choose wedding favors, and through it all find some way to relax and enjoy yourself!

While we can’t make the process any less stressful, we can make it just a little bit easier. We have compiled some helpful information for brides who just don’t know where to start. Today, we’re talking invitations, dresses, cakes, and favors.

First, the invitations. Wedding invitations are difficult to figure out. What goes where? Miss to Missus has created a guide to assembling wedding invitations.

Miss to Missus

Miss to Missus is a blog by Papertalk Press a printing press in Toronto that specializes in wedding invitations and stationery. The editor, Michelle Lee also runs Stak Inc., a design and web agency, with her husband Jon.


Next, the wedding gown. Choosing your wedding gown may be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, aside from the actual wedding ceremony of course. This primer from SimplyBridal can make it easier  to choose a gown for your body type. Wed Me Pretty explains the primer in more detail.



Based in Los Angeles, California, SimplyBridal believes in quality, honesty, and value. Every wedding gown is sewn by in-house seamstresses and photographed in the Simply Bridal studio. Founder Lawrence Ng began SimplyBridal because he felt that every woman should be able to find their dream gown at an accessible price. 



Then, the cake. Deciding which cake is the right cake may be one of the most frustrating, yet tasty, wedding decisions. Some bakers may have up to 40 different flavor options, and tasting each and every one is a major hassle.

In addition, you have to decide what shape, and how many tiers, your cake should be. My Inspired Wedding has several charts that explain how many servings the most popular wedding cake shapes will serve.

My Inspired Wedding


My Inspired Wedding is a wedding inspiration site on the WedAlert Network. My Inspired Wedding provides the latest news in wedding fashion, trends, and planning. 


Finally, the wedding favors. Here at Nature Favors, we believe in helping you create the perfect party experience for your guests. And what says “thank you” better than the perfect favor? Eco-friendly and easily adaptable to any theme, our bird seed heart favors are a great gift that your guests will be sure to enjoy.

Photo by Nature Favors


An Outdoor Easter Party for Kids

Easter is just around the corner, and we’re here to help you plan the perfect child’s party. We’ve searched Pinterest and party stores to bring you some of the best snacks, decorations, crafts, and even party favors.

First things first, we need food. For our outdoor party, we’re sticking to bright colors that are perfect for both boys and girls. We also chose chocolate-free or peanut butter-free recipes, in case you’re trying to plan around allergies.

Land O’ Lakes Inc. has a fun and simple sugar cookie recipe. These Mint Blossoms call for mint meltaways. We found some chocolate-free mini meltaway mints via Hickory Farms at Wal-Mart.

Mint Blossoms

                     Mint Blossoms                         Photo by: Land O’ Lakes Inc.

Land O’ Lakes Inc. is a member-owned cooperative based in Saint Paul, MN. Member-owned and operated since 1921, Land O’ Lakes Inc. is the second largest national corporation with more than 9,000 employees. For more information, visit



Kellogg’s Robin Nest Egg Treats are another fun Easter snack for kids. You’ll need Rice Krispies, marshmallows, coconut, food coloring, and either jelly beans or WHOPPER’s chocolate robin eggs.

Robin Nest Egg Treats

          Kellogg’s Robin Nest Egg Treats         Photo by: Kellogg’s

Kellogg’s was  founded by W.K. Kellogg more than 100 years ago. Based in Battle Creek, MI, Kellogg’s produces cereal and other convenience foods. For more information about Kellogg’s, visit

We also found these fun multicolored Jell-O cups by Eighty MPH Mom. Simply make different flavors of Jell-O – we recommend Lemon, Lime, Orange, Strawberry, and Blueberry – and spoon portions into these 2 oz. plastic portion cups. (Wal-Mart sells a 50 ct. for less than $5.00).

Jell-O Cups

                            Jell-O Cups                               Photo by: Eighty MPH Mom

Eighty MPH Mom was created by Jennifer, a native of the San Francisco Bay area.  Jennifer is the mother of two children and four cats and has been blogging for three years. For more information about Eighty MPH Mom, visit

Now, if you’re a little concerned by the amount of sugar at our party, we’ve got you covered. has a quick and easy fruit snack to combat those sugar rushes.

Petal Pushers

           Petal Pushers             Photo by: Frances Janisch is a monthly magazine published by the Meredith Corporation. It was first published in 1926, and its main focus is on helping parents raise their children. For more from Parents, visit


Another fun treat for the kids are these Easter Carrots. You could use them for a cute Easter Bunny-themed centerpiece or give them as a treat for the kids to take home. You’ll need disposable icing bags, goldfish crackers, and some ribbon to tie the ends.

Easter Carrots

             Easter Carrots             Photo by: The Moody Fashionista

The Moody Fashionista is run by Brandy, a mother from California. She has been blogging since 2009 and loves planning parties with bright colors. For more information, visit


We found a fun blue lemonade that is simple to make. We also found some inexpensive water bottle labels if you decide to serve water for your little party-goers.

This Turquoise Lemonade is quick and easy to make. Just combine Blue Raspberry Kool-Aid with Country Time Lemonade and sugar.

Turquoise Lemonade

           Turquoise Lemonade            Photo by: hello-naomi


Hello Naomi is run by Naomi a Robot Programming Computer Engineer turned ‘cake girl’ from Newcastle, Australia. She began blogging in 2006, and is the proud owner of a small cake shop that services the Sydney, the Central coast, and Hunter Valley areas. For more information about Hello Naomi, visit


Pair the lemonade with white straws and these adorable bunny Peeps and you’ve got a cool drink the kids are sure to love. To make the Bunny Peep straws, simply stick the straw right through the middle of the Peep.

Bunny Peep Straws

           DIY Bunny Peep Straws              Photo by: uncommondesignsonline

Uncommon Designs is run by sisters-in-law, Trish and Bonnie. They began blogging in 2010 and enjoy recreating crafts they find online. For more information, visit their blog at


You may also want to have water, especially if you have an Easter Egg Hunt. We found these adorable water bottle labels on that you can use to make normal water bottles tons of fun. For $5, you can print as many as you need.

Water Bottle Labels

Printable Water Bottle Labels
Photo by: Jessica Weible/JW Illustrations

Jessica Weible, owner of JW Illustrations, has a degree in Graphic Design from Woodwood College. She has been digitally illustrating since 2006. Jessica, her husband, and their four children currently live in Virginia Beach, VA. For more from JW Illustrations, visit


We found three fun decorations for our outdoor party, sock bunnies, an egg garland, and even a DIY yarn wreath.

These sock bunnies would be perfect for a table centerpiece. They fit in perfectly with our outdoor theme, and they can be made in any color. If you decide to have an egg hunt, you could use them as prizes for kids that find “special” eggs.

Sock Bunny

             Sock Bunny               Photo by: a Pumpkin & a Princess


Crystal Owens, creator of a Pumpkin & a Princess, is a mom, wife, and blogger from California. She enjoys sharing DIY projects, inexpensive crafts, and home decor. For information about a Pumpkin & a Princess, visit



Do you have leftover plastic eggs from last year? We found this great idea from Family Chic. Simply open the the plastic eggs and close them over yarn or ribbon for a fun egg garland.

Plastic Egg Garland

Plastic Egg Garland
Photo by: Camilla Fabri


Camilla Fabri, stay-at-home mother of two, is the creator and author of Family Chic, a blog about creating a fun and creative familial atmosphere using things you already have, or can buy cheaply. Camilla began Family Chic in 2009 and has been interviewed on Design Mom, Mom Filter, and Country Woman Magazine. For more information about Camilla or Family Chic, visit


This Spring Wreath from Love & Sugar Kisses would be a fun addition to our outdoor party. You could hang it on your front door to get your guests in a creative mood before they even come in, or use it as a table decoration. What you’ll need: a wreath, burlap or fabric to cover, yarn, felt, and buttons.

DIY Spring Wreath

DIY Spring Wreath
Photo by: Maria

Maria, the creator of Love & Sugar Kisses, is a wife and mother of two who loves to bake, decorate cakes, and craft. Her goal is to make things special without breaking the bank. For more information, visit  


We actually found two different Easter party invitations we wanted to show you. One is a younger child, while the other would be fine for an upper-elementary student.

The first, an invitation for young children, is from Tiny Prints and is a flat, non-folding card that features an adorable bunny and chick.

Easter Party Invitations

Easter Party Invitation
Photo by: Tiny Prints

Nancy Kubo, designer for Tiny Prints, is a stationery designer from California. She is inspired by magazines, design blogs, and current fashion trends. She has designed thank you cards, party invitations, and holiday cards. For more information, visit


The second invitation option is from Etsy and features a bunny and several fun colors.

Easter Party Invitations

Easter Invitation
Photo by: Just a little Sparkle


Just a little Sparkle joined in 2011 and is based in California. Just a little Sparkle designs signs, invitations, and other paper products. For more information, visit



We found these adorable bunny whiskers that would be a fun addition to our outdoor, Easter Bunny themed party. All you’ll need is white pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, and pink pom poms. This is a super easy craft for kids to do while you hide Easter eggs.

Bunny Whiskers

 Bunny Whiskers                  Photo by: Kailo Chic



Kailo Chic, creator of  Ramblings of  a Handbag Designer, began blogging in 2010. She is a handbag and accessory designer from Austin, TX and mother to a baby girl. For more information, visit




Nature Favors has the perfect favors for our outdoor Easter party. Favors are sold by the dozen and come with peat-filled pots, seeded rabbits, blank tags with planting instructions on the back. Flower seeds inside the earth friendly bunnies will begin sprouting within a few days.

Seeded Bunny Favors

Seeded Bunny Favors
Photo by: Nature Favors

Nature Favors, formally known as Blessed Wings, was founded in 2002 by Shari Gray. Nature Favors is operated near Reilly Springs, TX and specializes in creating handmade, nature-inspired favors for eco friendly weddings and green events. For more information, visit


High School Sweethearts and Hurricane Irene

Ariel married her high school sweetheart, Zach, at Bittersweet Farm in Westport, Mass.

Weddings don’t always go exactly as planned and no one could plan for Hurricane Irene to crash a wedding. Luckily, the happy couple had a morning wedding and missed the worst of the storm. Ariel and Zach refer to it as “the wedding that blew you away”.

“Shari’s favors fit in perfectly with our bird and tree theme and everyone loved the theme” ~Ariel

Ariel’s uncle, Eric Lusignan, served as photographer and captured the event beautifully.

You can find the favors Ariel bought for her wedding here: Heart shaped bird seed favors.




We love to know your stories and how you used Nature Favors’ products in your big event. How fitting that a couple who have a lawn & landscape business chose Nature Favors’ eco-friendly bird seed favors as their special gift to the guests at their wedding:

“We wanted a “outside” gift to give our guests…we are in the lawn and landscape industry and we thought that it would be pretty fitting to have something that could be used outside.

I liked the fact that we could pick the color of the bags (we matched it to the chair bows). It was a shabby chic, white on ivory kind of a wedding. The birdseed bags were perfect for the look we were going for…sort of elegant yet natural. I just loved them…thank you again.”





Cutest Little “Bird” Birthday Party Theme

This is one birthday story using Nature Favors’ bird seed rings that you don’t want to miss! This is one adorable birthday girl with a very clever and creative mom!

“My Aunt and Uncle had an African Grey Parrot. That bird could screech like nothing else. Well, it wasn’t long until those same screeches could be heard from our home….from our tiny little baby girl, Maddie. It was unbelievable how similar the noise was! It didn’t take long before we started to call Maddie ‘bird’. Almost three years later, and she still answers to that name. We didn’t know it at the time, but the name would become more than just a reminder of a fussy infant in the middle of the night. She is MY ‘little bird’….and seriously thinks her name is Maddie Bird.

It only seemed natural to have a bird-themed birthday party. While party planning for my children, I try to make the events unique and memorable…for my children as well as their guests. 

The search began for an activity to keep 2 and 3 yr olds happy for a little while. I came across some unfinished wooden birds at Michael’s Craft Store, and decided it was going to be a painting party! Next came the favors. 

I was excited to find Nature Favors on ETSY. The seed rings were perfect! I heard back from almost all of the parents that their children LOVED hanging their seed ring and watching the birds…and at some houses…squirrels. In such a busy world, it’s nice to take a minute, hang a bird feeder with your child, and watch the birds.  

Thanks!”  ~ Casi

Thank you Casi and Maddie Bird for sharing your special day with us!

A Baby is Blooming, Baby Shower – Customer Story

Recently we asked customers to share stories of their important events in which they used a Nature Favors product. The response was overwhelming, and we just can’t help but share some of the adorable stories like this one.

“I ordered the Earthbloom Seeded Garden Set for my sister’s baby shower. The theme of the shower was “A baby is blooming” so these nature favors fit right in. I was able to personalize the tags and choose coordinating ribbon colors.

I was a bit hesitant about ordering these online and receiving them on time so I wanted to get them right away. Shari put my mind at ease and assured me the favors would arrive in time for the shower. She had me delay the deliver so the seeds would not dry out.

I was pleased when I received the delivery a week before the shower. There was some assembly required but it was manageable. The pots were small but cute.

Our guests thought the favors were adorable and could not believe they just had to add water. I took two of the favors and they both bloomed.

Thank you Shari!” – Jyotika

Feel free to submit photos and story of an event Nature Favors helped make special for you.

Texas-Themed Wedding Favors

Inject a bit of Texas into your wedding with our Texas Bluebonnet wedding favors.

Complete with FREE personalized tags!

Handmade with a special blend of seeds and soil, these eco-friendly gifts will impress your guests and give them long-lasting memories of your wedding.

From a Texas customer:
“I am a native Texan but was getting married in Seattle. I wanted to bring a little bit of Texas to my new Washington family and found these great favors. They were a big hit! Very easy to put together, and they looked amazing!
Thank you SO much for these”~ Erin

Order ahead, and we will ship closer to your wedding day, just so you can check something off that long wedding to-do list!

Bulk Discount: Order 50 or more and get 10% off your order. Order 100 or more and save 20%! Plus you get free personalized tags!

Don’t forget to Pin it if you love it!

Eco-Friendly Seeded Paper Confetti

Happy New Year! We have lots of reasons to celebrate this month. Not only it is the beginning of a new year, but it is also the 14th anniversary of Nature Favors! We want to thank our customers from the bottom of our ♥’s.

To show our love and appreciation, we are offering 50% off our seeded confetti to the first 14 customers. Enter coupon code CONFETTI4U in our store to receive your discount.

The seeds are inside. Place them in a pot or toss them in the garden and water daily, no digging or planting required! Instructions are included with every seeded confetti order.


Every color, shape, and seed you can imagine!


Customer Response:  I just finished putting my favors together, they turned out great. It was so nice to have everything ready to put together and I especially love the tags! I am so glad to be giving my wedding guests something that they can actually use. Thank you for an excellent product! Brianna    

Wedding Favor Traditions

The tradition of giving wedding favors dates back thousands of years. The earliest gifts recorded were called bonbonnieres, small trinket boxes made of exquisite stones or porcelain. Often these boxes contained sugar cubes, because in those times, sugar was scarce and very expensive. Almonds came next, coated with sugar. Traditionally, five Jordan almonds were given, the number stemming from a superstition that the five symbolized fertility, longevity, wealth, health, and happiness.

At Nature Favors, we hope to make at least this little piece of your wedding day (the favors) as beautiful as we can, yet simple for you to achieve. We love finding new ways to expand on this age-old tradition and simply adore seeing photos from our clients’ weddings in which they used our favors in a modern and beautiful way.

Below is a collage of some beautiful photos sent to us from Chelsey and Ryan. Their special day was nature-themed with our heart shaped bird seed favors given as a gift from the “Love Birds.”


Chelsey and Ryan:
Photography: Austin Gros Photography. Ceremony Location and Reception
Venue: The Anchor Fellowship.
Baker: The Bake Shoppe.
Bridal Gown: Vintage find from
Shoes: Urban Outfitters.
Necklace: Heirloom from Groom’s great-grandmother.
Earrings: Heirloom from Bride’s mother.
Hairpiece and Boutionneres: Oh My Deer Handmades (Etsy).
Bridesmaid and Flower Girl Dresses: Melissa Sweet.
Hair and Makeup: R Squared Salon.
Groom and Groomsmen Attire: J.Crew.
Bowties: Tux and Tulle (Etsy).
Clutches: Yensew (Etsy).
Birdseed Favors: Nature Favors (Etsy).
Florals: Created by Bride, ordered through Import Flowers.

Creative DIY Centerpiece Decorations – Nature Style

Centerpiece displays do not have to be expensive or elaborate, especially if you are planning a nature-themed wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, or event.  It is always exciting to see photos of how brides choose to display their favors.  Here are some great examples:


Vintage Mason Jar Wedding Table Centerpiece Decoration

Fresh cut lavender purchased from your local farmer’s market, along with tree branches were used to create this simple, yet elegant, centerpiece display.  The branches not only added a touch of nature to the bouquet, but also served as a hanger for our bird seed hearts.  Pssst…Learn how to add color to a clear Mason jar.  We will be sharing this information in a future blog so be sure and bookmark us.


Nature-Themed Wedding Table

Reagan & Ryan chose a nature-themed wedding, which included table cloths with birds and bird seed hearts attached to grapevine wire napkin holders. The centerpiece used here is an other example of a simply beautiful and affordable table display. I love the different shades of white, they really make the fresh botanical arrangement pop!


Bird Seed Hearts Forming a Heart

One of our brides sent us this photo of how she used our bird seed hearts to form a heart in the center of the table. I thought this was adorable and a very creative way to display the hearts.

Try our bird seed hearts for yourself here: Bird Seed Hearts by Nature Favors.