Cinco de Mayo Party Planning Tips

Cinco de Mayo is almost here!

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A Little History
Cinco de Mayo is a day set aside each year to celebrate the Mexican heritage and to commemorate the Battle of Puebla, in which the Mexican army defeated the French in the Franco-Mexican war.

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated predominantly in the United States and regionally in Mexico on May 5th.


To help you celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style, we’ve compiled some of the best food, drinks, decorations, and even party favors.

First, the food. Great food makes any party shine, and Recipe Girl has some great tips and recipes to plan the perfect Cinco de Mayo party.

Photo by: Recipe Girl

Lori Lange, founder of is a former elementary school teacher. Recipe Girl hosts over 2,700 original and adapted recipes. For more information, visit:


You can’t have a party without something sweet, and what’s better than M&M filled mini cookie piñatas? We found this fun, and simple, sugar cookie recipe at

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Sandra Denneler, a SheKnows Expert, is an art director at Wichita State University. She creates edible art, and she and her husband, Eric, have two children, Gus and Bea. For more information about Sandra and She Knows, visit:





Next, the drinks. Anyone who mixes drinks could tell you that you have to find the right combination of juices and alcohol to make a drink shine. Too much of one or the other and you’ll end up with a hot mess.

The Invitation Shop has recipes for six popular Cinco de Mayo cocktails with the proper mixing directions.

Photo by: The Invitation Shop


The Invitation Shop specializes in creating custom party invitations, as well as favor boxes, decoration tips, and general party planning help. They have invitations and party planning tips for weddings, graduation, Christmas, 4th of July, and more. For more information, visit:




No Cinco de Mayo is truly festive unless you have some awesome decor. has an easy DIY tissue-paper decoration project.

Photo by: hosts more than 20 years of recipes, articles, videos, and crafts. For more information, visit:



Once your party is over, you’ll need something to give your guests to remind them of the fun they had. Our Blooming Garden Party Favors double as table decorations and as favors for your guests. They come in several colors, but we recommend green, red, or white to commemorate the Mexican Flag.

Photo by: Nature Favors

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